15 minutes into the future

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Was allowed to make a 15 minute rant about Myndigheten för yrkeshögskolan and the awesome power of higher vocational education in a workshop for the European Commission.

“I’m fed up with borders around knowledge and we should tear them down completely.”

My main points:

- Encourage multi-competence as a solution. To lock down IT to “tech” and not allowing teachers, nurses and everyone else affected by the digitalization to learn about the technology and take part of what changes their work and life, is a crime.

- Listen to real people and real companies for what skills they really need and for what they are willing to open their own wallet to hire people to solve real problems.

- Look forward. In this fast developing digitalization of our society, old truths and statistics is useless. We strive for accelerated learning.

I also managed to squeeze in some profanity, criticize the Swedish IT and Telecom Industries as well as the academy. All in all a good day.

Thank you Karl McFaul for allowing me to be a part the plan to hack the E.U.

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